Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Big thank you today to BT winnipeg for having the MGFA Nomads on the air! Thank you to the North Winnipeg Nomads for all their support of the players this season and today! Even club President Nathan Yamron was on site helping out today.

If you are interested in checking out a game feel free to come down Thursday night 7 pm at the St. James Rods.

One clarification, we appologize the the MGFA Nomads were introduced for one spot as the Manitoba Fearless. The Fearless is a Senior Women's Program. The MGFA includes 4 clubs, the North Winnipeg Nomads, The Charleswood Broncos, the St Vital Mustangs and the Eastside Eagles. There are 2 Women's teams in the Province for ages 16 and up. The Manitoba Fearless and the North Winnipeg Nomads Wolfpack.